We were saving money for this butter churn for quite long to start selling butter, but it is worth every dollar. Every time when my family and I taste fresh, homemade butter we are beyond grateful that we could afford it.
We were saving money for this butter churn for quite long to start selling butter, but it is worth every dollar. Every time when my family and I taste fresh, homemade butter we are beyond grateful that we could afford it.
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Excellent butter churn!
A little bit pricey
Awesome. Makes great butter. We add some salt and garlic to the butter and it is delicious.
Works great! Totally recommend

Roberto Totti

Just as expected. Good materials, easy to use. I like everything about it
I love it. I can recomend it.
Electrical butter churn Motor Sich MBE-6
Electrical butter churn Motor Sich MBE-6 (230V)

Suitable for countries with voltage from 220V to 240V

- 6 liters of cream
- Plastic
- Can be used in 110V-120V countries with a voltage converter

FAQs about Butter churn

What is a butter churn?

Butter churning machine or, in common language, butter churn definition is pretty simple. This is device that makes butter from cream, dividing it into butter and buttermilk. First butter churns were made of wood and operated by hand. Now you can find these machines made of metal, plastic and glass, and you can operate them by electricity, as well.

How does a butter churn work?

More or less, every modern butter churning machine has the same principle of operation. You need to add a cream into container where the paddles will start to stir it. In this short video you can see how electric butter churn Milky FJ 10 (115V) works, here is the link to the same model for 230V/50Hz:

How long does it take to churn butter?

The churning process takes 25-30 minutes.

What kinds of butter can I make with butter churning machine?

The number of kinds of butter is limited only by your imagination. For example, Nick Power from Australia makes Salted butter, Unsalted butter, Garlic butter, Honey butter, Truffle butter and Chocolate butter (which is produced at Easter). By the way, Nick uses our electric butter churn Milky FJ 32 (230V). Here is the link to the same model for 110V/60Hz power supply.

Do you have small butter churn that I can use at home?

Yes, some models we have are pretty compact and you can use them even on the table top in your kitchen. So, if you are looking for home butter churn, we would like to recommend you one of the next models:

What is the maximal butterfat content I can reach using butter churning machine?

The maximal fat content in butter that was reached by our customers is 86.5%. Maybe someone reached even higher level of fat but we don't know about this.

How much butter can I get from my milk?

With our butter churning machines you can get approx. 4% of butter from your milk. It means that from 100 kg of milk you can get about 4 kg of butter.

How can I use the buttermilk I get after butter making process?

Buttermilk is a tasty product by itself, but you can mix it with different fruits and flavours to make it even better. Many pastry recipes require buttermilk as one of ingredients.  

Can I make butter without butter churning machine?

Yes, you can. If you are going to make some small amount of butter and you don't plan to do that day by day, the common kitchen mixer will fit well. Or you can be more creative as Brian Johnston from the US and make and make your homemade butter churn. He made his own butter maker from his drill press and big paint stirring paddle from the local hardware store.

What kind of cream the butter churn can process?

You can use the cream made from milk of cow, goat and sheep.

How can I get a cream?

You can get a cream from milk using one of cream separators we offer at Milky Day. You can also collect a cream when it floats up on the milk surface but that method will not be so much effective, especially if you have goat or sheep milk. In this case, when You don’t use the cream separator, - be ready to leave half of the cream in the milk and to collect less fat cream than you could. 

Can I reduce milk spoilage using your butter churning churn?

Sure, we think this is the one of main reasons why dairy farmers buy from us. Here is what Brian Johnston from the US says:

"My story on creating raw milk products was the excess milk I had from my cow and the need to do something to not waste the milk I had... I grew up with a grandmother that taught me how to make simple cheeses and butter. I like the taste of home made products.  I then shared the products with friends and the friends started asking me if I made ______.  That's how I got into the product side.  It is easier to sell just the raw milk. BUT in retail there is an ebb and flow of customers and the milk production continues.  So, I just do what I can to reduce spoilage or waste of my product. The money is good no matter what form I sell the "milk". That is how I went from one cow to six."

Can you share any reviews about you and your products?

Sure, some statistics at first:

And some reviews from our wonderful customers after:

"I had the best experience with this company. The correspondence and attention to detail was excellent!! I enjoyed it so much. I haven't tried the separator yet but I am sure it will fulfill my needs. My husband and I have a micro Dairy here in Vermont and needed to make better use of the milk. I can't wait to make all kinds of wonderful stuff with the cream. Thank you...." 
Catharine Vadnais

"We bought equipment. It had a problem during warranty which was expeditiously acted upon by the company. We were so happy that I bought a second unit. Exemplary service and support"  
Rakesh Aggarwal

"Excellent service with quick responses to queries. The item shipped extremely quickly and we were up and running in no time"  
Mikel Kitchen

How to buy butter churn here at Milky Day?

All you need to do is to choose the model you like and click "Buy now". Then open your cart and follow there few simple steps: choose the delivery method, payment method and your shipping address. This is how you can easily buy butter churn online. Your order will be send the next business day.

On you can find the wide range of butter churning machines including electric butter churns and hand crank butter churns.
As we sell our butter machines all over the world we have butter churns for 115V/60Hz which is common in countries of America voltage and butter churns for 230V/50Hz voltage which is common for Europe.

What if the butter churning machine does not suite me well?

If the butter machine does not suite your requirements well - it’s not a problem. Just send it unused machine back to us please and we will refund your money in full.

The butter machines of which brands and manufacturers do we sell?

On our website we are offering butter machines of the following two manufacturers:
Motor Sich is one of the leading companies in the world that specializes in manufacturing and in-service support of aircraft engines for planes and helicopters. But this is not the only field of competence of this company. This company is also dealing with the dairy industry. The butter churns of the company Motor Sich are well-known for its simplicity and reliability in operation. This is guaranteed by the factory.

Milky is a brand of the world-renowned Austrian company Franz Janschitz Ges.m.b.H. Already more than 25 years the company is operating in the market of milk processing and is manufacturing butter machines, which suites well for home use and for professional users as well. The assortment of the company includes the butter machines that are made of stainless steel. Highest effectiveness, high-quality materials and quietly-working reliable engines, - that's what distinguishes the Milky butter churns from the other brands. 

Who is better?

If you prefer good quality for good price than we suggest you to buy Motor Sich butter churn.  But if you prefer the best quality along with best effectiveness than Milky butter churn is what you need.

Any warranty?

For all products we have on we offer 2 years unconditioned warranty because we sell only original products and we trust in their quality.

From where will we send your order?

Depending from your shipping address, we can send you a butter machine from the US, UK, Czech Republic or Austria because we have our warehouses there.

Why buy butter churning machine from us?

If you are still thinking about where to buy a butter churn, we would be very happy serve you. Only on you can find competitive prices, 2 year warranty and 30 days free return policy for all products we offer, and we can supply any spare parts after.

You can trust us! Proved by manufacturers!

Franz Janschitz
- the founder of Milky brand. He produced his first butter churn 25 years ago!

Alexey Zelenyuk - the chief of consumer goods department of Motor Sich. The most famous producer of small cream separators in the world.

Buy butter churns online on Milky Day! We guaranty you will be satisfied!

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