Warranty and returns


We offer only high quality products in MilkyDay.com. That's why all equipment you can find here is covered with 2 years warranty

Unfortunately, we can not give the same warranty period for food ingredients because all of them have different shelf lives.

Please note, the beginning of the warranty period is the date of the first purchase according to the original invoice or the original sales receipt

Defects of the equipment which are due to mistakes in the manufacturing or the material are removed within the warranty period free of charge either by repair or replacement of the concerning parts. MilkyDay.com decides at its own judgement on the measure to the removal of the defect. 

Defects or disturbances are not included in warranty, which are caused by:

  • Damages by accident, abusive or improper operation/assembly/installation/exposures, especially with disregard of the operation manual, the instructions for use, the instructions for installation or the safety instructions.
  • Damages due to transport, carelessness, variations or failure of the power supply, force majeure, influence of weather, other natural phenomenons or the environment of operation.
  • Damages by the application of parts, which are not manufactured or expelled from manufacturer or authorized representatives of the manufacturer, as well as damages by the application of accessories which are not approved by the manufacturer.
  • Damages due to service features/interventions/changes/modifications, which are not made by the manufacturer or authorized representatives of the manufacturer.
  • Damages due to normal wear and usual abrasion
  • Damages due to disregard of the maintenance and cleaning operation according to the operation manual

The warranty also does not cover the motor in case it was destroyed by water or milk inflow.

Please be aware that the customer has to pay for return shipping of the broken product.


It's quite simple, you can always do this but no longer than 14 days after you received the parcel. You have to prove it by the waybill you get from the shipping company. Do not throw it away!

We will return you money as soon as we get the product back.

The amount of money that we will pay you back depends on the condition of the good that you sent back to us:

  • If the good is still brand new we will return you 100% of the amount you paid. We can send your money back or we can offer you a coupon number for this amount, so you can buy something different from us - it's up to you!
  • If you used the product, unfortunately, in this case we can return you only 50% of the amount you paid. We can't return you more because we will not be able to resell this good further for the same price. We hope you understand. For used goods we can send your money back as a coupon number only.

PLEASE NOTICE: We don't return money back for used food ingredients! We are sure you understand why.

PLEASE NOTICE: You have to pay for return shipping of the good!


And we do not want you to suffer if some of them don't want to return your money under the same conditions as we do.

So if you bought the same product the that we sell on MilkyDay.com somewhere else, you can send it to our warehouse in the US and we will return you 70% of its price!

In this case we can accept only brand new products.

Within this program we can send your money back as a coupon number only.

Together with product you have to send us also:

  • A document that proves the price of the product that you want to return (invoice or receipt).
    PLEASE NOTICE: If you bought your product for higher price than we have on MilkyDay.com, we will return you 70% from our price!

  • A document that proves that 14 days did not pass before you sent your product to us (way bill).

PLEASE NOTICE: You have to pay for return shipping of the good!

Your sincerely,
MilkyDay.com Team