About us

, responsibility, and reliability. These are the three main pillars of our business. Does it make us boring? Of course, not! :D 

We are a small team of young and enthusiastic people who want to bring something fresh and cheerful to a serious dairy equipment business. We believe that wholesome nutrition plays a crucial part in a healthy lifestyle. That is why we see many reasons to be happy when selling machines that help in the production of organic homemade milk, cheese, butter, and other tasty and healthy dairy products.

Our main clients are small dairy farms that are specialized in the production of dairy food, as well as individuals who have a couple of cows, sheep, goats, or any other animals that give milk. Since 2013, when Milky Day was founded by Kirill Bezrukov, we love to imagine, how people all over the world enjoy healthy dairy products that were made with the help of the equipment that we sell. It feels amazing to be a part of worldwide healthy nutrition.

On MilkyDay.com you can find almost everything that you need for milk processing. And we are not talking only about the products. For example, on our blog, you can find lots of useful articles that you might find helpful while making dairy products. We promise that here you will find only high-quality products that can be shipped worldwide from our warehouses in the Czech Republic and the United States.

Our main goal is to help our customers in their dairy production, which means that you can always rely on us and the 2-year warranty provided for almost all our products. As well as the 30-day return ;) 

Thank you for visiting us!

Sincerely yours,
Milky Day Team