About us

The name of our company is East West Industries s.r.o. and we are located in the Czech Republic. Do you want to know more? Great, we thought you would never ask! :)

We are a small team of people who adore milk. We are sure that milk products like cheese, yogurt or butter are much tastier when you make them by yourself, and much, much healthier for you and your family, because you don't use any unhealthy additives.

One day we realized that we are not alone in this world and a lot of people share our values of healthy eating and would love to make their own home-made cheese, yogurt or butter too. So here we are...

On Milkyday.com you can find everything you need for milk processing: products, videos, recipes or even cheese making courses!

We promise that here you will find only high-quality products for a very good price. Moreover, we can ensure you that we are honest people and our main goal is to help you.

Thank you for visiting us!

Sincerely yours,
MilkyDay Team