What do you do?
We sell milk processing equipment for small scale dairy farms and households.

Why do you do that?
We love to imagine, how people all over the world enjoy healthy dairy products that were made with help of the equipment that we sell. It is amazing to be a part of worldwide healthy nutrition!

Do you ship worldwide?
Yes, your order will find you in every corner of the World :)

Where do you ship from?
We have two warehouses:
The first one is in Hrdejovice town, Czech Republic (Europen Union)
And another one is in Royalton, Vermont, USA

Why don’t you have a warehouse in my area?
We would love to! Maybe you could help us with this and become our partner one day :-)

What about shipping cost?
It depends on a product, destination and delivery time. If you want to save on shipping cost, you can choose a delivery type within 10-20 days. If it’s too long for you, then you can choose 7-10 days delivery. If you are in a hurry you have a 2-4 days delivery option. The fastest option is the most expensive one.

What payment methods do you accept?
We accept credit cards, PayPal and bank transfer. 

Do you provide any warranty?
Yes, we provide 2-years warranty for all our products.

Other shops offer only 1-year warranty! Why do you offer 1 year extra?
We sell only original products, therefore we can be sure about their high quality.

If I get my order damaged what I suppose to do in this case?
This is the warranty case. You need to take a picture of the damaged product and send it to us. Then we will ask you to send the broken unit to the closest warehouse and we will send you a new item afterwards. We will compensate the money you spent on sending the broken product back to us.

If the product I received was accidentally broken, what I suppose to do in this case? 
If you carefully followed all steps from user’s manual, than this is the warranty case. If it’s easy to repair the damaged product, we will send you a new part free of charge with the instruction how to replace it. If it’s not so easy to repair, please send us the broken unit back and we will send you a new one. We will compensate the money you spent on sending the broken product back to us.

Do you like cows, sheep and goats? 
You bet! We would pat them all day long if we could!

How can we contact you for more questions?
For phone number and email, please click here. If you want to chat online I guess you know well where to find us :-) (if you don’t  - please find chat icon in lower right corner of your screen)