The cream separator came in excellent shape and works great!! I use it every day and I am very impressed at how quiet it runs!!
Product was well packed and the delivery quick. Instructions in English were welcome and everything worked as expected, so happy with it.
We have tried the machine and worked with it twice already. It does work properly, no issues. Easy to clean. The quality of the cream extracted is over expectations. Great product.
The milk separator I bought looks good quality. Very surprised at how fast it arrived.
Works as advertised. We use the cream separator daily and I'm happy with it and we are using it into our 3rd year here.
The product works well and is extremely well made. Very satisfied with my purchase
The cream separator that I purchased is working well, we use it daily in our farm in Nicaragua.
I love our separator! It is easy to use and clean, operates very smoothly and seems to be of very good quality.
Good quality at an affordable price. We have bought several MS 100-18 separators and we are fully satisfied with their performance vis a vis Indian-made separators.
Everything works great. Easy to use and easy to clean. Great even for small batches.
Manual cream separator Motor Sich-80-09
Manual cream separator Motor Sich 80-09

- 100 liters or 26 gallons of milk per hour
- Aluminum and metal
- Hand-operated

Ultimate Guide: Cream Separators

FAQs about Cream Separator

What is cream separator?

Cream separator or milk separator is machine that divides a whole milk into cream and skimmed milk (milk without fat).

cream separators
What kind of milk a cream separator can process?

You can use a cream separator for goat milk, for milk of cow and sheep, for sure. Also probably you can use it for other types of milk, like milk of donkey, camel, horse, and probably all other animals, which we have never seen before.

Can I use a cream separator for Jersey cow milk processing?

Yes, you can. We know that Jersey cow milk has more fat than standard milk. But we already sold a lot of cream separators to Jersey cow owners and never got any reclamation. 

In what cases You need to have a cream separator machine?

You will need it for sure, if You are:
- the owner of a mini-farm who looks for small cream separator;
- an entrepreneur, who wants to buy raw milk, then process it to produce cream, sour cream, skimmed milk and afterwards to sell it to the end users;
- a cheese-maker, who knows well that each type of cheese requires milk with a certain fat content. If, for example, this is Camembert cheese, then You’ll need more fat milk, and if it’s a hard cheese, then the milk should be less fat.

Why I cannot collect cream, when it floats up to the milk surface, without the help of the cream separator machine?

Actually, You can collect cream without the help of the cream separator, but the way You do it, will not be so much effective, especially if you have goat or sheep milk. In this case, when You don’t use the cream separator machine, - be ready to leave half of the cream in the milk and to collect less fat cream than You could.

What is the maximal fat content can I get using a cream separator?

With our cream separators, you can get a cream with up to 40% of butterfat in it. The particular fat content depends on your milk quality.

How to choose a cream separator with suitable capacity?

As you already noticed, every separator has its capacity. If you need to separate 100 litres of milk every hour, the model with a capacity of 100 litres per hour would not be enough for you because you will need to clean the separator from milk fat every 30-120 minutes, depends on your milk quality.

How to set the right fat content of cream during separation?

There is a regulating screw in a cream separator. Turning it, you can make a cream thinker or thinner. It’s hard to set the accurate fat content of the cream beforehand because it depends on the quality of your milk. Usually, you have to make some trials to get the cream you want.

Plastic aluminium or stainless steel, which one is better?

Generally, stainless steel is the best material for the food industry. Some aluminium and plastic alloys can be used in food processing, but they are not as well recognised in some countries or states as stainless steel.

Do our cream separators fit the 3-A sanitary standard?

No, only big machines can match this standard, but it doesn’t mean you can’t use our cream separators commercially in the US or another country. It depends on the state you live in and from the opinion of your local food inspector. Some of our customers successfully use our cream separators commercially. If you want to use a cream separator commercially, we recommend you consult with your local food inspector before the purchase.

Where your warehouse is located?

If you are from the United States, we will ship your order free of charge from our warehouse in Glennville, Georgia 30427, if we have the product you need there.

Otherwise, we will ship it from our warehouse in Czechia (European Union).

What would be the shipping time?

Free shipping within the US by UPS takes about 5-7 days. The shipping time from Europe takes from 4 to 60 days, depends on the destination. You can see the shipping option while placing your order.

Are you the manufacturer of the equipment you offer?

No, we are official distributors of different manufacturers. It means that we have the lowest prices but still can offer you the best models we can find on the market.

Why should I trust you?

We think that our customers can say more about us than we do. We do our best to serve them as good as we can, and we got the highest mark from them so far. You can visit Google Reviews to learn more about us and our products.

Is it profitable to process the whole milk into cream, sour cream and skimmed milk?

We believe that it’s much more profitable than selling raw milk to the big processing companies. Let’s put it this way:
- How do You think, what is more expensive: only 100 liters of whole milk or 35 liters of 10% cream and 65 liters of skimmed milk?
- What is more profitable: to sell to the customer only 1 liter of milk or to sell 1 liter of milk, 200 ml of cream (0.7-2 liters of milk depending on the cream fat content) and 200 ml of sour cream (another 0.7-2 liters of milk depending on the sour cream fat content)? That’s right! The second option is more profitable, because instead of buying just 1 liter of milk a client will buy from You at least 2.5 liters of milk, and up to 5 liters as a whole.

cream separators

Cream, sour cream and skimmed milk – is this all I can do with the help of the cream separator machine, or there is something else to be produced as well?

Yes, this is correct, but:
- When You have a butter churn, You can also make butter from cream.
- When You have dairy cultures, then You can make cheese, yogurt or cheese from the skimmed milk as well. If You have to process the milk every day, put your attention to the cheese kettles we have. They will make your life much easier.

You keep selling the raw milk, don’t You?

If You do so, then it means that You are not the master of Your life and business, and that You’ve been just an employee of the large processing companies for all this time. It means that THEY decide how much to pay You and how much milk they’ll buy from You. It also means that most of the money is running away from You day by day. The money, that you could spend on developing Your farm, Your house, Yourself, Your family, Your children and Your animals. However, this money is running away from you every day, run away forever and You’ll never see them again. Well, You can keep putting up with it, or You can change this scenario once and for all.

How to start earning more?

All You need to do is to choose the cream separator on our website which will suit You the best as per Your requirements and performance, and then send it to cart. When You open Your cart, there You can follow the simple steps and do the following: choose the delivery method, payment method and at the end You can easily buy cream separator online. After that, we will put clean white gloves on, gently will take Your order out of the sterile clean shelves, will pack it securely and then will ship it to You immediately.

On you can find the wide range of cream separators including electric cream separators and manual cream separators.

As we sell our cream separators all over the world we have cream separators for 115V/60Hz voltage and cream separators for 230V/50Hz voltage. 

What if the cream separator machine does not suite me well?

If the milk cream separator does not suite Your requirements well, - it’s not a problem at all and You don’t even need to explain us anything. Just send it back to us please and we will refund Your money in full.

The cream separators of which brands and manufacturers we are selling?

On our website we are offering cream separators of the following two manufacturers:

Motor Sich is one of the leading companies in the world that specializes in manufacturing and in-service support of aircraft engines for planes and helicopters. But this is not the only field of competence of this company. This company is also dealing with the dairy industry. The separators of the company Motor Sich are well-known for their simplicity and reliability in operation. The spare parts and the tools required for operation of the separator are supplied in complete sets. This is guaranteed by the factory. Press Motor Sich cream separators if you prefer only Motor Sich brand.

Milky is a brand of the world-renowned Austrian company Janschitz GmbH. Already more than 25 years the company is operating in the market of milk processing and is manufacturing cream separators, which suites well for home use and for professional users as well. The assortment of the company includes the separators that are made of plastic and stainless steel. Highest effectiveness, high-quality materials and quietly-working reliable engines, - that's what distinguishes the Milky products from the other brands. The spare parts and the tools required for operation of the separator are supplied in complete sets. Press Milky cream separators if you prefer only Milky brand.

Who is better?

If you prefer good quality for good price than we suggest you to buy Motor Sich cream separator machine
But if you prefer the best quality along with best effectiveness than Milky cream separator machine is what you need.

Any warranty?

For all products we have on we offer 2 years unconditioned warranty because we sell only original products and we trust in their quality.

How to buy?

To buy cream separator online just click "Buy Now" button under cream separator machine you like and go to your cart. Then follow the cart easy steps and we will send your order immediately after the payment.

Why buy cream separator from us?

Only on you can find very good price, 2 year warranty and 30 free return policy for cream separators and other products.

You can trust us! Proved by manufacturers!

Franz Janschitz
- the founder of Milky brand. He produced his first cream separator 25 years ago!

Alexey Zelenyuk - the chief of consumer goods department of Motor Sich. The most famous producer of small cream separators in the world.

Buy cream separator online on Milky Day! We guaranty you will be satisfied!