Manual cream separator Motor Sich 80-09

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Manual cream separator Motor Sich 80-09

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Short Description

- 100 liters or 26 gallons of milk per hour
- Aluminum and metal
- Hand-operated

The good price and quality make the manual cream separator Motor Sich 80-09 a great choice for small farms. It will help you produce cream, sour cream, and low-fat milk when you have limited access to electricity. With this hand-driven cream separator, you can produce between 80-100 liters (21.1-26.4 gallons) of milk per hour, making this the perfect machine for your everyday needs.

This modern hand-operated milk separator Motor Sich 80-09  is a perfect solution for small farms and small dairy shops even during blackouts! 
The various types of milk, such as milk of cows, sheep, goats, and camels are equally suitable for separation with this hand-crank cream separator. Its body is made of steel, while other parts are made of aluminum.

WARNING! This model is hand-operated. Before the usage and commencing separating procedure, it is essential to pour in 200 ml of industrial oil. This will prevent premature wear and tear of the equipment’s internal parts.

Strengths and weaknesses

The housing and other parts are made of metal
Doesn’t require electricity
You need to rotate it by hand
The aluminum plates are not anodized


How to use the manual cream separator:

Just warm the milk up to 40˚C or 104˚F, switch the separator on, and pour the milk into 12 liters or 3,2 gallons of milk container. 

How much cream you can get?:

- from 10 liters or 2,6 gallons of milk you will get about 1 liter or 0,26 gallons of cream;
- the cream will have 10 times more fat than your milk. It means that if your milk has 3,2% you will get cream with 32% of fat;
- if you need cream with less content of fat you can mix it with low- fat milk which you get after separation.
- it is recommended to wash the plates inside the drum after every 20-25 liters or 5-7 gallons (two bowls) of milk.

Quality and reliability of the separator parts

All separator surfaces that are in direct contact with milk are made of high-quality aluminum, which is not inferior in properties of stainless steel for separator’s purposes, but sensibly reduces the cost of equipment.
The body of the cream separator is made of durable steel.

This cream separator is made in Ukraine
! Be aware ! of Chinese knockoffs that look very similar to the original version. Our manual milk separator Motor Sich 80-09  is covered with a 2-year warranty and backed up with the necessary spare parts that we have available. 

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In case you consider pasteurizing milk or making yogurt and cheese, in our product range we have milk pasteurizers that will help you with these processes.

Full specifications

80-100 liters or 21-26 gallons/hour
Type of power
Power of motor
Power supply
Number of disks
Milk container (bowl) capacity
12 liters or 3,2 gallons
Max. fat content in skimmed milk
0,05 %
Cream/skimmed milk proportion range
1:4 - 1:10
Milk container (bowl) material
Aluminum alloy
Float chamber material
Aluminum alloy
Outlets material
Aluminum alloy
Body material
Painted steel
Milk container (bowl) diameter
36,5 cm or 14,4 in.
Motor Sich
The housing and other parts are made of metal, Doesn’t require electricity
You need to rotate it by hand, The aluminum plates are not anodized
36,5 cm or 14,4 in.
36,5 cm or 14,4 in.
52 cm or 20,5 in.
9 kg or 19,8 Ibs.


Perez Nabaasa 13.03.2017
It was a great venture having bought milk separators with you. All I can say, the business is doing well, no concerns with the machine ever since I bought it! This was a kickstart of my future vision to become number one supplier of milk and butter in the Great Lakes region
Gunilla 08.02.2021
I am very satisfied, because I know how expensive high quality items are! As long as I use it carefully, I believe I can use it for many years.
Patrice 23.12.2022
The milk separator I bought looks good quality. Very surprised at how fast it arrived.
Baptiste 03.07.2023
I am fully satisfied with the purchase I made from you: Indeed, the cream separator fully fulfilled its function, and I ended up acquiring the know-how to be able to use its full potential. . Thanks to your cream separator, I only buy raw milk, to be able to consume skimmed milk, butter, yoghurts and cream for my desserts or my sauces. all this for the same price as semi-skimmed milk in hypermarkets. So I quickly amortized the price of your cream separator, and I recommend you to my relatives. It is an impressive tool of precision and engineering!

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