Cream separator Milky FJ 90 PP (115V)

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Electric cream separator Milky FJ 90 PP (115V)

Code 17597-115

Short Description

Suitable for countries with voltage from 100V to 120V

- 90 liters or 24 gallons of milk per hour
- Aluminum and plastic
- High quality motor
- Anodized plates in drum

The smallest and the cheapest electric cream separator from the Milky brand!

The Milky FJ90 PP is the most affordable and compact electric cream separator available in the Milky cream separators range.

This model stands out from other cream separators due to its anodized aluminum disks inside the drum (top bowl) and its highly durable, high-quality polycarbonate construction. These features give the milk separator Milky FJ90 PP a significant edge over cream separators from other brands.

When we refer to anodized disks, we mean aluminum disks that remain unaffected by the acidity of milk. This is because they are covered with a special 14-micrometer film.

This device can separate different types of milk

The cream separator Milky FJ 90 PP enables you to easily produce homemade cream, sour cream, and low-fat milk. While there may be additional products you can make, these are the most popular ones we have mentioned.

This device allows you to separate milk from various animals such as cows, goats, sheep, camels, and more.  

Except for the aluminum drum (top bowl) and disks, all components that come into contact with milk and cream in this model are crafted from high-quality polycarbonate. This is the reason why the Milky FJ 90 PP cream separator is priced more affordably compared to others. However, rest assured that the polycarbonate used is of excellent quality and highly durable.

The milk separator is equipped with a top-notch motor that guarantees a long lifespan. The only maintenance task required is to replace the brushes inside the motor after 3-5 years of heavy usage.

Strengths and weaknesses

Housing and other parts don’t rust because they are plastic
Plastic parts are very durable and of very high quality
Disks inside the drum are anodized
Durable motor
We do not know any



Very easy to use

To operate the cream separator Milky FJ90 PP, simply heat the milk to 40˚C or 104˚F, turn on the device, and carefully pour the milk into the 12-liter or 3.2-gallon container.

How much cream can you get?:

  • From 10 liters or 2.6 gallons of milk, you can expect approximately 1 liter or 0.26 gallons of cream.
  • The cream will have 10 times the fat content compared to your milk. For example, if your milk has 3.2% fat, the resulting cream will contain 32% fat.
  • If you prefer cream with a lower fat content, you can mix it with the low-fat milk obtained during the separation process.
  • It is recommended to wash the plates inside the drum after every 20-25 liters or 5-7 gallons (equivalent to two bowls) of milk.

The Milky FJ 90 PP is a perfect choice for both home and small business use

By using this cream separator, small dairy farmers like you can introduce fresh and natural dairy products to their local market, bringing joy to customers, ensuring contented animals, and increasing their earnings. Seize this opportunity and don't miss out!

Quality and reliability of the cream separator Milky FJ 90 PP parts

All parts that come into contact with milk in this separator are crafted from food-safe aluminum and polycarbonate materials.

The milk separator is equipped with a high-quality Austrian motor that ensures long-lasting and reliable performance.

If you are looking for a cream separator of higher capacity you can take a look at the cream separator Milky FJ 130 EPR

If you prefer a cheaper cream separator made entirely of metal, we recommend considering cream separator Motor Sich-100-18

Full specifications

90 liters or 24 gallons/hour
Type of power
Power of motor
70 W
Power supply
Number of disks
Milk container (bowl) capacity
12 liters or 3,2 gallons
Max. fat content in skimmed milk
0,02 %
Cream/skimmed milk proportion range
8-12 %
FJ 90 PP
Milk container (bowl) material
Float chamber material
Outlets material
Body material
High quality plastic
Milk container (bowl) diameter
36 cm or 14,2 in.
Housing and other parts don’t rust because they are plastic, Plastic parts are very durable and of very high quality, Disks inside the drum are anodized, Durable motor
We do not know any
36 cm or 14,2 in.
36 cm or 14,2 in.
48 cm or 18,9 in.
4 kg or 8,8 Ibs.


Isabel 18.12.2018
Does exactly what it says! I was worried about about having difficulty with using the machine, but there were no problems at all
Karen 09.10.2020
The separator came in good condition. Everything is working fine. Thank you for sending it so fast.
Matthew 07.05.2021
Our creamer works great, one we got the hang of it. It's a fine machine.
Ron 01.10.2021
Everything works great. Easy to use and easy to clean. Great even for small batches.
Megan 21.11.2022
The product works well and is extremely well made. Very satisfied with my purchase
Mikaela 05.06.2023
I love the separator so much! Me and my goats are so happy, my family is too as they'll get to eat all the milky goods I make from our goats cream and milk! Thank you! I have used the separator 3 times now and all seems to be working as they should. I have recommended your separators to many others who have goats or other dairy animals and I hope they will buy from you!

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