How to make a sour cream with kefir grains?

Actually, it’s pretty easy. All you’ll need to have in stock to make sour cream this way would be the following:

1. Cream. Most likely, any cream will do, but I would recommend you use only natural cream made by yourself, or to use cream that you bought from a dairy farmer.
2. Kefir grains. This is a complex of cold-dried bacteria, which help making kefir from milk, and in your case, they’ll make sour cream from cream.

3. Glass jar with a lid. It will be used for ripening of sour cream.
4. Kitchen sieve.


5. Silicone spatula.


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Now let’s find out what is the recipe. I’m sure you’ll be surprised at how simple it is:
1. Place the cream in a jar.
2. Add kefir grains into the jar, as well.
3. Cover the jar with a lid and place it in a cool place, hidden from direct sunlight for 24 hours.
4. Take the kefir grains out from the sour cream. To do this, simply filter the contents of the jar with the kitchen sieve. Help the sour cream to pass through the sieve by pushing it with a silicone spatula. As a result, sour cream will pass through a sieve and kefir grains will remain on it.


4. Place the kefir grains into fresh milk and place the milk in the refrigerator until the grain is needed again.
5. In order not to let the kefir grains turn sour, put them in fresh milk after a week.

That’s actually the whole recipe. I hope it was interesting and useful to you and your health. By the way, you can make a sour cream not only with the help of kefir grains. You can also use the following:
– dairy culture
natural yogurt

Select any of these starters and click on it if you want to learn more. If not, then it was my pleasure to share this article with you. See you soon, guys and take care!

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