We are not the one-day shop

Hey guys! The new blood is here! Let’s clear from the start. We don’t need your money, we need your satisfaction. We are happy only if you are happy. And we want to bring you the happiness in our own way.

First of all, we think that you are happier if you and your family, your kids eat healthy food, aren’t you? I think you are. Just imagine, it’s breakfast time and you have on your table fresh homemade butter and cheese. You can put both on the piece of crispy bread and eat it with your favourite coffee, tea or juice. By the way, do you like black coffee or coffee with cream? As for me, I prefer coffee with cream. I don’t like the strong taste of the black coffee. Do you add cream as well? In this case we can help you to make the homemade cream too. Cool, huh?

Secondly, we can help you to relax. How? Have you ever thought of starting your own cheese making business? No? Please believe me, this process is so relaxing. Every time you get the unique product and create your own recipe. Do you want to make soft cheese? Or maybe you want to make the cottage cheese? No? How about hard cheese? Do you like Gouda cheese? Yes? Perfect! Did you ever eat Gouda cheese with paprika pieces inside? No? Me too. But I would like to try. I have idea, what if you will make it? You will get your exclusive cheese. Maybe you will like it so much that you would like to share it with other people? Yes? Great! You can send us your recipe and we will put it to our Recipes section together with your name. Every time people will see your name and be thankful to you because they like your cheese very much too.

Also we can make your more rich. How? Very simple. How much money do people ready to pay for natural tasty cheese? A lot. Believe me. Everyone would like to have exclusive, natural and very tasty cheese on his table when he invites friends or relatives to his home. Just imagine, this man will place your cheese on the table together with good vine and some fruits. They will open the vine, slice your cheese and will talk, talk and talk… I’m sure you and your cheese will be the one of most interesting topics of that evening. Believe me.

What can be better than  make the people happier? We think, nothing! That’s why we are here. And we think this is our mission.

We have a lot of interesting ideas and we believe this is only the beginning.

Follow our news and contact us if you have something to say. From our side, we will offer you something you’ll like. We’ll be happy to cooperate with you as our Customer and Partner!

Join the Milky Day family!




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