Butter churn Milky FJ 100 C (2x115V)

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Electric butter churn Milky FJ 100 C with tilting mechanism (2x115V)

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Short Description

Suitable for countries with voltage from 100V to 120V

- 50 liters or 13,2 gallons of cream
- Made of stainless steel
- Wheels and a tilting mechanism
- High-quality motor with a speed regulator

Electric butter churn Milky FJ 100 C

The Milky FJ100 with a tilting mechanism is the largest and the most powerful butter churn we offer. It’s made of the finest stainless steel material, guaranteeing you will have the safest and the most durable butter churner possible. 

The tilting mechanism enables inclining the butter churn container for a more convenient and effective churning process.

The electric butter churn Milky FJ100 C is ideal for small and medium farms as well as for a small butter-making business. It will take only 20-30 minutes to prepare delicious homemade butter. Butter output from cream is 35-42%.

The butter churn has many useful built-in features that will make the butter-making process a pleasant experience. Besides the high-quality motor with a speed regulator, there is a water layer, buttermilk outlet, cold water inlet, wheels, and a safety button that will not let you switch the butter churn on while the lid is open. Your safety and a clean kitchen are guaranteed! 

The Milky FJ100 C has a container capacity of 100 liters or 26,4 gallons, but the maximum cream load should not exceed 50 liters or 13,2 gallons. The minimum cream load is 22 liters or 5,8 gallons.

All the features and qualities mentioned above make the electric butter churn Milky FJ100C one of the most advanced and desirable butter churns for a small butter-making business in the market!

Strengths and weaknesses

Made of stainless steel
High quality motor with speed regulator
Security switch
Butter milk outlet and Cold water inlet
Water layer
Wheels and Tilting mechanism
We do not know any


Butter churn helpful tips:

- Wash the container with cold water before making butter.
- Once you get the cream from your milk, put it in the fridge for 1-3 days for the cream to ripen. 
- The best ripening temperature in summer time is 5-8 °C or 41-43 °F. In winter time is 8-10 °C or 46-50 °F.

- The best cream temperature before processing is 14-16 °C or 57-61 °F.
- If you want to process 50 liters or 13,2 gallons of cream, it’s better to split this volume into two cycles of 25 liters or 6,6 gallons. The butter quality will be higher.

The Milky FJ100C Butter churn is the best choice for a dairy farm and small business

If you are a small producer, with this butter churn you can offer fresh, organic, and high-quality butter to your local market. Your customers will definitely enjoy it! 

Full specifications

Max. capacity
50 liters or 13,2 gallons
Min. capacity
22 liters or 5,8 gallons
Type of power
Power of motor
1,5 kW
Power supply
Max. time of one work cycle
35 min
Min. pause between work cycles
30 min
Time of butter making
20 - 35 min
Outcome of butter from cream
32 - 42 %
Speed of mixer
45-124 rpm
FJ 100 C
Stainless steel
Container capacity
110 liters or 29 gallons
Made of stainless steel, High quality motor with speed regulator, Security switch, Butter milk outlet and Cold water inlet, Water layer, Wheels and Tilting mechanism
We do not know any
90 cm or 35,4 in.
52 cm or 20,5 in.
65 cm or 25,6 in.
67 kg or 150 Ibs.


Khurram Nadim 05.07.2019
Excellent butter churn! A little bit pricey
We were saving money for this butter churn for quite long to start selling butter, but it is worth every dollar. Every time when my family and I taste fresh, homemade butter we are beyond grateful that we could afford it.

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