How to reinvent a healthy breakfast with dairy processors

It seems really time-consuming and hard to prepare a meal in the morning when you have to get ready for the day and start being productive. That’s why a lot of young adults tend to miss breakfast. But even those who don’t neglect this meal usually opt for something they can just grab and eat quickly. And it is rarely something healthy – oftentimes it is food packed with sugar. So even though they do have breakfast, it doesn’t benefit them at all. Such a meal simply makes the blood sugar level rapidly go high and then go down quickly just in an hour or two. Thus, eventually, a person will feel tired just at the beginning of the workday.

A healthy breakfast, on the other hand, will give you a boost of energy. It helps to be productive and to reach lunch without a blood sugar dropping low. But how do we get to have a right breakfast without spending time on cooking it? Here comes a great opportunity for the dairy industry.

How can dairy become the ultimate meal in the morning?

A lot of producers around the world are trying to hook young adults on breakfast food. And the dairy industry has some nice opportunities to become a part of the reinvention of this meal. Customers nowadays look for the convenient food they can consume quickly and maybe even on the go. But also they want it to be healthy and nutritious.

The healthiness of the food became very important in the past few years as the amount of health-oriented people has grown. And as reports show, the market for breakfast foods is expected to grow at the rate of 4.6% over the next 5 years.

So here are some ideas on how can manufacturers improve processed dairy to make it more convenient for the breakfast:

  • Packs that combine a ready to eat the oatmeal product and some dairy-based drink. It is a great solution for a quick yet healthy and nutritious breakfast.
  • Meal-sized combination of cheese, fruit, and nuts packed conveniently.
  • Meal-sized frozen high-protein yogurt or even an ice-cream with probiotics and low amount of sugar. It is perfect for hot days and those who want some healthy indulgence.

Sure, these ideas are just a draft of what the dairy industry is actually capable of. Manufacturers should take a precise look at fast-food chains and see why do they attract so many people for breakfasts. We can learn from fast-food how to deliver quick meals. But in the case of dairy, those meals will be healthy – it’s something that fast-food simply can’t compete with.

What are the key features consumers look for in breakfast?

To invent a product that will gain popularity, manufacturers need to understand what requirements does it have to meet. When it comes to breakfast, young adults want:

  • Convenience. The product must have a size of one meal. Also, it needs to have a package that will allow eating it on the go.
  • Nutrients. The food has to provide the consumer with a significant amount of energy. The important thing is that this level of energy should be lasting. So manufacturers should create products with less sugar and more protein.
  • Balance. Keeping the right balance of minerals producers can create a product that will be healthy. With the modern health-oriented society this feature is crucial.
  • Taste. Doing everything possible to create a healthy, nutritious and convenient breakfast don’t forget that it has to be tasty as well. It’s hard to escape the temptation of eating something that is delicious but unhealthy. So to attract consumers to make your food both healthy and tasty.


Some of the healthy products that you can have for breakfast, you can make at home. These products are cheese or yogurt. You can make them in a pasteurizer. To see a full range of the pasteurizers that we offer, please, visit

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