Top 5 online cheese-making courses

Your cheese making skills are important for us. So if you are interested in cheese production you will find this article helpful. Here we prepared the list of cheesemaking classes you can find online. Some of them have to be paid, some of them have free episodes and some of them are totally free! So enjoy:

While you’re at it — did you know you can make your own mozzarella using a milk pasteurizer? Learn how to do that from our quick yet comprehensive guide:

  1. Little Green Cheese with Gavin Webber. Here you will find more than 150 videos where Gavin makes different cheeses by himself. Also this Australian guru make podcasts and share other useful information about cheese making. And here is big surprise for you, Gavin shares his videos for free, for donation! So don’t forget to donate after watching.Important! How do you think, are you ready for running a small dairy business?  Download our Checklist with 15 Things You Should Consider Before Starting a Small Dairy Business. It will help you to avoid some costly mistakes.
  2. Artisan Cheese Making with Mary Karlin. Here you can learn how to make French cheese Chevre, Mozzarella and Cheddar at home. The price for 9 video lessons is $19.00.
  3. The Art of Cheese with Kate Johnson. With Kate you can learn the basic science behind cheese making and how to make Chevre, Cottage Cheese, Feta and such aged cheeses as Queso Fresco & Guido’s. First video about cheese making basics is free. The price for other videos is $29.99.
  4. Marblemount Homestead with Corina Sahlin. Here you can learn how to make Greek Yogurt, Chevre, Gouda and Cabra Al Vino at home. The price is $49.00.
  5. Cheese Making Course. Rick and Melissa run it from 2010. This course will provide you the general information about cheese making. Here you will learn how to prepare work space, add rennet and starter, how to heat, mill, press, dry cheese and more. The price of course is $49.95.

We hope this list is useful for you. If we missed other online courses please let us know to and we will add them to this list.

Thank you for reading and see you soon!

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