Milk separator, how it works?

Milk separators are meant to divide milk from cream. But this machine can also be useful if you want to make a homemade sour cream, butter or cottage cheese. After processing the milk in the separator you will get two ingredients – low-fat milk and cream – that you can use to make any other milk product.

Cream separator, how it works?

Actually, the technology is very simple. Substances get separated because of gravity – the machine uses a centrifugal force for the separation. It throws the heavy watery part to edges and gathers the light fat in the center. Parts will get divided faster and easier if the rotation speed is higher and the milk is heated to 36-50°С. The higher temperature allows lowering the viscosity of milk.

So the whole process or cream separation consists of a few steps:

  1. Pour whole milk into the main bowl. Turn the machine on.
  2. Through the hole, it will get into the separation cell.
  3. When the machine is working a centrifugal force makes milk to go through vertical parts of the separator.
  4. In the area between bowls, milk gets divided into the cream and low-fat serum.
  5. Cream gets to one bowl and serum – to another.
  6. You can control the level of fat in cream by setting up your milk separator. The fatter you want your cream to be, the less outcome of it you will get.

Types of separators

There are two types of these machines – electric and manual. Some people think that manual one is better since you can use it even when you have no access to the electricity. But with the electric separator, more milk can be processed and it requires no effort – the machine will do everything by itself. So if you need to process large amounts of milk, better pick the electric one.

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