Home Milk Pasteurizer and Yogurt Machine Milky FJ 30 (230V)

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Small Milk Pasteurizer and Yogurt Machine Milky FJ 30 (230V)

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Short Description

Suitable for countries with voltage from 220V to 240V

- 35 liters capacity
- Removable container
- Electronic control unit

This model is twice as big as small milk pasteurizer machine Milky FJ 15. So, if FJ 15 is small for you, maybe FJ 30 is what you are looking for.

This is a multifunctional device!

With this smart and small Milky pasteurizer machine you can pasteurize any kind of milk, or make natural products like cheese in very easy way!

This milk pasteurizer and yogurt machine is great for a small scale dairy!

You don’t need a lot of milk! Maximum capacity of 35 litres is perfect for micro dairy. The minimum capacity is 10 litres. 3,2 kW heater can warm the milk up to 94°C. Heating time from 4°C to 94°C takes no longer than 75 minutes.

You Get

Home milk pasteurizer machine Milky FJ 30

Strengths and weaknesses

Removable container
Additional thermometer to measure milk temperature
Simple in use
Easy to clean
Control unit measures water temperature


With this milk pasteurizer and yogurt machine you will dramatically save your time!

Home pasteurizer Milky FJ 30 has electronic control panel. There you can set: 

1.Temperature. Pasteurizer will reach and hold the temperature you need. Extra thermometer for double check;
2.Time. Pasteurizer will hold necessary temperature as long as you need. When the set time is over the heater will switch off.

You will process milk handier and not waste it!

Small pasteurizer Milky FJ 30 has water layer between heater and milk container. As result, the milk will not burn inside and be wasted. Don’t waste your money!

Cool down the milk without any efforts!

All you need is to put the inlet hose of this small pasteurizer Milky FJ 30 on the tap. Then just open the cold water and it will cool down the milk in the short time. 

This milk pasteurizer and yogurt machine has a removable milk container!

So, it’s very easy to pour out the milk from the container and clean it, as well. You don’t need to lift all device.

Only the best for your health!

This small pasteurizer Milky FJ 30 is made of stainless steel 304 which is completely safe for your health. Organic food is always on your table. You and people around deserve it! 

We guarantee 100% satisfaction!

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! If you want to save some money, we will be happy to offer you a slightly used Milky FJ30 that is also covered by a 2-year warranty. You can buy it for 730 EUR. For more information, please, contact us at wesell@milkyday.com !

Full specifications

Max. capacity
35 liters or 9,2 gallons
Min. capacity
10 liters or 2,6 gallons
Max. temperature
94°C or 201.2˚F
Type of heating
Power of heater
3,2 kW / 16A
Power supply
Speed of mixer
Diameter of water inlet
Rubber connector
Diameter of water outlet
2 cm or 0,8 in.
FJ 30
Stainless steel
Removable container, Additional thermometer to measure milk temperature, Simple in use, Easy to clean
Control unit measures water temperature
48 cm or 19 in.
48 cm or 19 in.
55 cm or 22 in.
15 kg or 33 Ibs.


Ian 31.08.2020
I really like the milky machine when making cheese, it requires less monitoring when trying to keep a constant temperature during long periods of time.
Gabriel 16.11.2020
The pasteurizer is very good and easy to operate. It is rigid and better than others that i bought before.
Marek 28.01.2022
The product fully met my expectations, it made milk processing much easier for me, I am very pleased about that.
Bernie 24.06.2023
Great products
Great company to deal with I have a couple of their products I have a butter churn and now just purchased their 35 lt pasteurizer they great products at a great price

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