Ice сream maker Nemox 10K Crea (115V)

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Ice cream maker Nemox 10K Crea (115V)

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Short Description

- 15 quarts of ice cream per hour
- 4 Automated programs
- Storage function
- Stainless steel bowl and blades
- Made in Italy
! Available only for the USA !

Ice сream maker Nemox 10K Crea (115V)

The NEMOX 10K Crea ice cream maker is an unsurpassed choice for professionals who enjoy perfecting their own ice cream recipes. Thanks to its power and thoughtful design this machine is taking experimentation and ice cream making experience to another level.

The NEMOX 10K CREA (115V) features a stainless steel body and a mixing blade equipped with interchangeable copolymer scrapers

The lid includes an opening for adding ingredients during operation and has a sensor that halts the blade's rotation when lifted
For mobility, the machine is fitted with four wheels, two of which have brakes. 

The control panel is designed to be simple and user-friendly, featuring three buttons to manage the compressor, mixing paddle, and automatic storage function. The machine offers great flexibility, allowing for both automatic and manual operation (see the description below).

Strengths and weaknesses

Stainless steel body and blades
Storage function
We don't know any



The Nemox 10K Crea (115V) is made of high quality stainless steel and comes with 2 operation options of your choice. 

- The activation process involves turning on both the compressor and paddle motor. 
- When the ice cream reaches the desired consistency, you can either extract it or initiate the storage cycle by pressing the designated buttons. 
- If the storage function isn't engaged and the ice cream becomes too hard, the density control system will shut off the paddle motor. 
The compressor, however, will keep running, causing the ice cream in the bowl to harden significantly. 
- If the motor is not stopped by the density control system, the preservation cycle will automatically start after a while.

- Activating only the conservation switch initiates the automatic production and storage cycle. Once the ingredients are mixed and the density control system stops the paddle, the software initiates the storage function. 
- If the density control system does not activate, the storage function will begin automatically after a certain period.

Sit back and relax as you wait. Our fully automatic programs ensure the best results! 

This also boasts a smart electronic inverter system to let you vary the number of rpms of the blade. Control and regulate the blade rpm from 60 to 130 rpm! Churn your creation to your desired consistency!

Add this intelligent gelato maker to your kitchen and make gelatos anytime you want!

Accessories included:
* 1 Gelato spatula
* 1 Removable inserts set
* 1 Gasket set
* 1 Brush for cleaning the drain opening.

* Nemox is an Italian company producing high-quality gelato machines since 1986 for families and professional users.

* We have all spare parts available

Full specifications

15 quarts/hour
Power of motor
1100 W
Power supply
Bowl capacity
6.3 quarts (1.6 gal)
Ice сream maker Nemox 10K Crea (115V)
Housing material
Stainless steel
Blade material
Stainless steel
Storage function
Automatic operation
Stainless steel body and blades, MANUAL AND AUTOMATIC MODE, Storage function
We don't know any
58 cm or 23 in.
53 cm or 20,9 in.
45 cm or 17,7 in.
42 kg or 92,6 Ibs.


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