Ice cream maker Nemox Chef 5L Automatic (115V)

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Ice cream maker Nemox Chef 5L Automatic (115V)

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Short Description

- 2 kg of ice cream per hour
- Automatic operation
- Storage function
- Stainless steel bowl and blades
- Made in Italy

Ice cream maker Nemox Chef 5L Automatic (115V)

This ice cream machine was made for small businesses and restaurants that would like to pamper their customers with homemade ice cream, granita, or sorbet.  

Customize your own flavorful gelato dessert/snack!
Our automatic gelato maker’s refrigeration and blending systems are designed for long work cycles. Store your preparation at the right temperature with our Ice cream machine Nemox Chef 5L Automatic (115V)!

Satisfy yourself or your customers with up to 1 kg of the mixture in just 20-30 minutes – 2 kg per hour using either the fixed bowl made of stainless steel or the additional removable bowl.

Our ice cream maker is fully equipped with a built-in magnetic safety device that automatically stops the paddle when the lid is lifted.

Gelato maker Nemox Chef 5L Automatic (115V) comes with 2 operation options of your choice. 

In the manual mode,  you have full control over the machine’s functions.

In the automatic mode, the gelato maker Nemox Chef 5L Automatic (230V) will take care of the whole process.

We recommend storing the ice cream in the gelato maker for a maximum of 8 hours

! Do not fill the bowl more than half full to prevent an overflow of the ice cream!

Strengths and weaknesses

Automatic operation
Storage function
Stainless steel blades and bowl
Isn't programmable


Prevent too much mushy and airy gelato. Reliably control the density of your gelato with smart technology! This ice cream machine automatically stops the mixing motor as soon as the mixing effort becomes excessive and starts the storage function. 

Accessories included:
*stainless steel removable bowl 2,5 l.
*1 spatula 
*1 measuring cup
*1 removable insert set for fixed and removable bowls

* Nemox is an Italian company producing high-quality gelato machines since 1986 for families and professional users.

* We have all spare parts available

Full specifications

1.6 kg/hour
Power of motor
280 W
Power supply
Bowl capacity
2.5 L
Ice cream maker Nemox Chef 5L Automatic (115V)
Housing material
Stainless steel
Blade material
Stainless steel
Storage function
Automatic operation
Automatic operation, Storage function, Stainless steel blades and bowl
Isn't programmable
45 cm or 17,7 in.
32 cm or 12,6 in.
31,5 cm or 12,4 in.
20 kg or 45 Ibs.


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