Filling machine Milky SGF 2

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Filling machine Milky SGF 2 150-500

Code 17603

Short Description

- 600 liters of liquid per hour
- Semi-automatic
- 150-500 ml one portion capacity
- Available for Europe only
! We offer only a 1-year warranty for this machine!

Using a pneumatic Milky SGF 2 150-500 filling machine crafted from stainless steel, you can bottle various liquids such as milk, yogurt, tomato paste, fruit juices, cream products, and many more into jars, bottles, cups, or Tetra Pak cartons.

The machine is constructed from premium stainless steel, ensuring both hygiene and durability.

Every part is detachable and easy to clean.
The Milky SGF 2 150-500 filing machine is perfectly suited for medium to large-scale farms and other types of business.

Strengths and weaknesses

Stainless steel
Big capacity


The filling nozzle (round spout) for customized adjustment to accommodate various packaging sizes between 150 - 500ml per filling cylinder. Max. capacity per hour 600 liters or 1200 cups.

The filling capacity and time required depend on the density of the liquid being filled. 

The filling speed is adjustable manually by using a foot pedal or automatically.

All parts that come into contact with the filling liquid are made of food-safe stainless steel.

Working method:

1. Plug in the power.
2. Connect the air hose.
3. Ensure the pressure is set between 6-7 bar.
4. Set the desired filling volume and load the machine with the liquid (milk, yogurt, fruit juice, etc.) you intend to fill into the bottles.
5. Position two bottles on the nozzle and activate the machine by pressing the foot pedal.

Cleaning process: 

1. Fill the machine with hot water and set the knob to automatic operation.
2. Allow the machine to run, ensuring the hot water thoroughly cleans the inner walls.
3. Remove the upper hopper and wipe it clean with a cloth.

Full specifications

Semi-automatic, Stainless steel, Big capacity
126 cm or 49,6 in.
51 cm or 20,1 in.
37 cm or 14,6 in.
26 kg or 55,1 lbs


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