Cup sealing machine Milky

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Cup sealing machine Milky BP 600 (230V)

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Short Description

- 600 cups per hour
- Semi-automatic operation
- Made of stainless steel
! We offer only a 1-year warranty for this machine!

The cup sealing machine Milky BP600 (230V) offers an ideal solution for effectively sealing plastic cups with aluminum covers. This machine is purpose-built for handling small to medium production volumes. Made of stainless steel, a universally recognized material in the food industry for its durability and adherence to strict hygiene standards. The cup sealing machine Milky BP600 will serve you for a long period of time.

We understand that every cup is unique, and that's why we provide tailored solutions to meet your specific needs.

Due to the semi-automatic system, this pneumatic cup sealing machine offers exceptional cost-efficiency and user-friendly operation.

This machine boasts an impressively short payback period, as it can securely seal up to 600 cups per hour, accommodating a 75mm diameter and a maximum content of 200 ml. Depending on your working speed, this means processing 120 liters of yogurt, milk, and other liquids per hour!

Strengths and weaknesses

Made of stainless steel
Up to 600 cups per hour


Getting the cup sealing machine ready for operation involves a 7-step process:
  1. Establish the air connection and adjust the air pressure to a range of 5-6 bar.
  2. Power ON the machine. 
  3. Configure the welding parameters, including temperature and time. Temperature settings can vary from 0-200°C, with adjustments based on the thickness of the plastic cup's rim.
  4. Activate both the film and sealing stations.
  5. Introduce the aluminum foil into the designated station and ensure it's properly secured in place.
  6. Once the temperature reaches 170°C and the welding time is set to 2-3 seconds, proceed with the sealing process.
  7. Set the rotation time to 1 second.

With these seven simple steps, your cup sealing machine is ready to efficiently seal cups with precision and reliability.

Always turn 90° clockwise and work semi-automatically as follows: semi-automatic means that the BP 600 machine has two workstations for sealing and one station for loading and unloading.

All other tasks, such as inserting and removing cups, must be completed manually. With a two-person team operating the BP 600, the capacity can be boosted to an impressive 1200 cups per hour.

Key Features:
• Utilizes pneumatic capping technology
• Equipped with four workstations
• Capable of sealing up to 600 cups per hour
• Accommodates cup diameters ranging from 75 to 95 mm 75 to 95 mm 
• Requires an additional compressor with 6-7 bar output for optimal performance.

Full specifications

Semi-automatic, Made of stainless steel, Up to 600 cups per hour
80 cm
60 cm
80 cm
90 kg


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