Cup sealing machine Milky

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Cup sealing machine Milky BP 03

Code 17610

Short Description

- 250 cups per hour
- Manual operation
- Made of stainless steel
! We offer only a 1-year warranty for this machine!

Milky cup sealing machine Milky BP 03 offers the ideal solution for effectively sealing plastic cups with aluminum covers. This machine is purpose-built for handling small to medium production volumes. The Milky BP 03 is made of stainless steel, a universally recognized material in the food industry for its durability and adherence to strict hygiene standards. This machine will serve you for a long period of time.

We understand that every cup is unique, and that's why we provide tailored solutions to meet your specific needs.

A stainless steel manual cup sealing machine designed for sealing plastic cups with aluminum covers. It can securely seal cups ranging from 75mm to 95mm in diameter, based on customer preferences, in a rapid 2-3 seconds per cup. The heating capacity and temperature are individually adjustable to accommodate various cup materials.

Strengths and weaknesses

Made of stainless steel
Up to 250 cups per hour


• Manual sealing machine for cups with aluminum lids
• Temperature for sealing between 165°C and 180°C
• Welding time approx. 2-3 seconds
• Up to 250 closures per hour
• Diameter between 75 - 95 mm (please specify when ordering)

Full specifications

Compact, Made of stainless steel, Up to 250 cups per hour
46 cm or 18.11 in
41 cm or 16.14 in
60 cm or 23.61 in
15 kg or 33.07 in


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