How to make yogurt at home

Natural homemade yogurt is the product that is both delicious and incredibly useful at the same time. Thanks to its amazing properties, homemade yogurt can normalizes digestion, improve skin and hair condition. It is quite encouraging that it can be made in simple way. To make yogurt at home you do not need to have a multi-cooker or yogurt maker. All you need to have is milk, starter and convenient kitchenware in which you will make yoghurt. You can use any type of milk, namely: cow, goat, almond or coconut milk. What really important is to adhere to certain rules to make yogurt really tasty and useful, which are as follows:

Rule №1. Milk that you use to make yogurt can be one of the following: homemade, pasteurized or ultra-pasteurized. In the first two cases, it must necessarily be boiled a couple of seconds in order to kill all harmful microbes. Please note, ultra-pasteurized milk does not need additional thermal treatment.


Rule №2. After you have boiled the milk, cool it down to a temperature of 37-40C (90-105F). Only after that you can add a starter into it. If to do it when milk is still very hot, the beneficial bacteria living in the starter will die.

 Rule №3. The dishes that you use when making yogurt should also be thermally processed. Splash it with boiling water so that unnecessary bacteria do not get into yogurt.

 Rule №4. Pay attention to the fat content of the milk that you use. If to take milk with 3,2-3,5% fat content, you will get delicious yogurt. From milk with 6% fat content you’ll make very tasty yogurt.

 Rule №5. During milk souring, do not shake or stir it, otherwise there is a great chance that its structure will be damaged and you’ll not get any yogurt at all.

Now, here is the recipe how to make yogurt at home:

 Step №1. Take 1-3 liters of milk, a can of medicine starter and dishes in which yogurt will ripen. It can be cans, pans or thermos.

 Step №2. Boil the milk and then let it cool down to 40C (105F)

 Step №3. Add warm milk into a jar with starter. Close the lid and shake it well, until the starter dissolves. Then add the liquid into the warm milk and mix thoroughly.

 Step №4. Pour the milk into the dishes in which it will be souring, or leave it in the pan if you do it in there.

 Step №5. Close the dish with a lid or a food film. The most important thing is that the air does not penetrate inside and does not interfere with ripening. Wrap the dishes with a thick towel or rug.


Step №6. Leave it at room temperature for 12-14 hours. Do not shake. After ripening, make sure the product has become thick. If not, give it another 1-2 hours and then check it again.

 Step №7. Put in the fridge for 3-4 hours, after which yogurt is ready! Add sugar, fruits or cereal into it to taste. Shelf-life of yogurt is 5 days if to keep it in the refrigerator.

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