5 myths about innovative technologies in the dairy industry

There are two types of manufacturers. One is eager to implement any new technology they can get their hands on. The others is truly afraid of innovations and prefer to keep things the old way; the truth is however, we need to follow the advancement of technology and implement modern solutions to provide customers with the best products possible. If you are unsure whether you should adopt new technologies or not, we are ready to debunk some myth about innovative technologies for you.


This myth is quite common. Lots of manufacturers believe that since digital technologies don’t need abrupt stoppages, or gaps in the cycle of the production like older systems do, they’re hard to control. But the truth is, digital solutions can be deployed in a way that is most convenient for the manufacturer. The management team can create the timetable to maintain processes. Thus, the new technology is even easier to control precisely.


This myth exists because all large companies constantly brag about how high-end their
technologies are. It creates an illusion that only rich and huge organizations can afford
innovations. The reality is however, a lot of mid-sized and small companies have such
technologies as well; especially when it comes to the dairy industry. It’s just that their voices are harder to hear.

Also, you should remember that all upgrades are done stage-by-stage; hence it will not be an enormous investment at once. That’s why pretty much all companies can afford the new technology. And in the end, the upgrade will bring even more income as it improves the production process.


Of course, these are hot topics to discuss. That’s why it seems like every upgrade should contain an artificial intelligence or robotics. These solutions are no doubt effective and will improve processes significantly, but one will argue that process to achieve this high efficiency costs money. Indeed, new technologies have more focus on the visibility of all activities; including communication and data exchange. Networking is a key to success, and with innovations, it is much easier to maintain productive relationships. Also, as buyers want to know more about things they consume, brands need to adjust and provide them with this data. The incorporation of new technologies will address this issue with the mere click of a button.


Many manufacturers are afraid that if they try to adopt the technology their competitors didn’t try yet, they will face issues that no one knows how to solve. You should remember though, that every provider of innovative technology does its best to offer its clients an extensive support. So if any problems occur, the support team is ready to help you out. They will guide you through all processes if needed, because the provider wants you to get the most out of the technology.


Even if you missed some upgrades your competitors have already done, you are not left behind. Of course, if you are too slow, you can eventually find yourself being thrown away from the market. But even then, it is not done. You can upgrade and reinvent the production and catch up with your competitors. Sure, it will take much more money. That’s why you shouldn’t be afraid of upgrades.

It is crucial to adopt new solutions because the window of opportunity can be really narrow.So, no matter how hard it might sound to you, take a deep breath and make a stepp to the more advanced and successful production.

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