Mini milk pasteurizer Milky FJ 15 (230V)


- 14 liters capacity
- Removable container
- Electronic control unit

Mini milk pasteurizer Milky FJ 15 (230V)

Code 13304

Short Description

This is a perfect semi-automatic model for beginners. 

Great chance to become a milk processor and earn even FOUR times more from every litre of milk. 

With this smart device you will get access to 100+ dairy products which you will be able to make from milk. 

Just set the temperature and time of milk treatment, that’s all. This mini pasteuriser will switch off automatically. 

If you sell only raw milk, this is a product you must have!

You Get

Mini pasteurizer, cheese and yogurt kettle Milky FJ 15

Strengths and weaknesses

Removable container
Additional thermometer
Control unit measures water temperature



Mini pasteurizer, cheese and yogurt kettle Milky FJ 15.

You don’t need a lot of milk! Maximum capacity of 14 liters is perfect for small scale use. The minimum capacity is 3 liters.
2,8 kW heater can warm the milk up to 194°F (90°C). Heating time from 39°F (4°C) to 194°F (90°C) takes no longer than 75 minutes.

With pasteurizer Milky FJ 15 you will dramatically SAVE YOUR TIME.

This mini pasteurizer has electronic control panel. There you can set:

1. Temperature. Pasteurizer will reach and hold the temperature you need. Extra thermometer for double check;
2. Time. Pasteurizer will hold necessary temperature as long as you need. When the set time is over the heater will switch off.

With pasteurizer Milky FJ 15 you will not waste your milk!

There is water layer between heater and milk container. As result, the milk will not burn inside and be wasted. Don’t waste YOUR MONEY!
You will spare your back and cool down the milk without any efforts! 
All you need is to put the inlet hose on the tap. Then just open the cold water and it will cool down the milk in the short time.

You will process the milk more handy! And spare your back again.

This device has removable milk container. So, it’s very easy to pour out the milk and clean it as well. You don’t need to lift all device.

Only THE BEST for your health.

This cheese kettle is made of stainless steel 304 which is completely safety for your health. Natural food is always in your fridge! You and your customers DESERVE it! We guarantee 100% satisfaction!

Full specifications

Max. capacity
14 liters
Min. capacity
3 liters
Max. temperature
Type of heating
Power of heater
2,8 kW
Power supply
Speed of mixer
Diameter of water inlet
Rubber connector
Diameter of water outlet
2 cm
Diameter of milk outlet
FJ 15
Stainless steel
Removable container, Additional thermometer
Control unit measures water temperature
37,5 cm
37,5 cm
49 cm
6,6 kg


Fakhruddin Makra 13 March 2017
Very good quality
We are very satisfied with the product. The Mini Pasteuriser Milky FJ 15 is working as per our expectation and we are as well satisfied with the quality.
David Fitousi 13 March 2017
Good service and nice people

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