Ice cream maker Nemox Exclusive (230V)

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Ice cream maker Nemox Exclusive (230V)

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Short Description

- 3 kg of ice cream per hour
- Stainless steel bowl
- Plastic blades
- Made in Italy 

Ice Cream Maker Nemox Exclusive (230V) i-Green

Create a healthy and tasty ice cream with our ice cream machine! 

Make up to 3 kg of gelato, ice cream, sorbet, granita, and frozen yogurt. This Nemox Exclusive Exclusive (230V) is supplied with a stainless steel removable bowl, an ice cream spatula, and a measuring cup.

No need to look further for other tools! We got them all here! This ice cream maker is very easy to use! Just turn on the switch and pour the ingredients into the bowl. In just 20-30 minutes, you can indulge in superb gelato, sorbet, or ice cream right in your kitchen! Production per cycle: 1 kg (1,5 l.) every 15-20 minutes 

! Do not fill the bowl more than half full to prevent an overflow of the ice cream !

Strengths and weaknesses

Removable bowl
Powerful refrigeration system
Compressor with a safety feature
No storage function


Ice cream maker Exclusive i-Green (230V) is a new generation of Nemox smart machines. The control panel was designed by a famous designer and has only three simple switches: the main switch, the one that turns on the paddle, and the one that starts the refrigeration system. 

The compressor is equipped with a safety feature that prevents any damage to the motor unit. The quality/price ratio of this gelato machine makes it the best-selling household ice cream maker in our product range. With its powerful refrigeration system and mixing motor, you will no longer need to wait to pamper yourself with a flavorsome gelato!

* In July 2021 a reputable German magazine "Test Magazin" awarded Ice cream maker Exclusive i-Green (230V) first place in comparison with 5 other ice cream machines of different brands. 

* What is i-green?
It is an environmental project of Nemox and the ice cream maker Exclusive is a part of it.
This gelato machine uses a new refrigerant gas with zero ecological impact. It consumes less electricity and is more efficient. This is a new generation of ecological gelato machines.

* Nemox is an Italian company producing high-quality gelato machines since 1986 for families and professional users.

* We have all spare parts available

Full specifications

3 kg/hour
Power of motor
165 W
Power supply
Bowl capacity
1,7 L or 0,45 gallons
Ice cream maker Nemox Exclusive (230V)
Housing material
Blade material
Storage function
Automatic operation
Price, Removable bowl, Powerful refrigeration system, Compressor with a safety feature
No storage function
27 cm or 10,6 in.
38 cm or 15 in.
22 cm or 8,7 in.
12 kg or 26,5 Ibs.


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